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Childhood falls – what is the impact?

We’ve all seen the uncertain toddler, the determined pre-schooler and rough-and-tumble siblings at play.  Children slip, tumble, skid, wobble and fall as they get to grips with walking, running, scooting, cycling, climbing and testing their physical limitations!

It is estimated that a 14-month old toddler falls an average of 15 times per hour.  In a single 8-hour day of their life, that little one might fall more than one hundred times.  So, in their childhood, from when the toddling begins, you can estimate just how many times a child falls.  They are resilient little people, aren’t they?!

Even if every fall is minor, and doesn’t require medical treatment, there can be a cumulative effect on the child’s body.  It may present as ‘growing pains’; head or neck aches; ear ache; or sometimes as limitations on mobility.

All parents are familiar with the growth charts which Health Visitors and GPs complete in the weeks and months after birth. They monitor and record the development in the length/height of the child because the spine grows most dramatically in the first 10 years of our life.

With this in mind, Chiropractors recommend that children undergo a regular check up of their spinal function.  The Chiropractor will assess their spinal function, and general motor and muscle function, in a non-invasive examination.  The results are explained in detail, along with recommendations for next steps.  If necessary, and with consent, the Chiropractor can make adjustments using gentle manipulation.

The Chiropractor will also discuss general diet, exercise and wellbeing.  They want to encourage the child (and the parents!) into good practices and posture so that their bodies are strengthened and readied for the challenges of growing up.

As we prepare our children for all that life throws at them, we teach them appropriate self care habits.  We trust the Health Visitor and GP to support a child’s physical and emotional development.  We ask the Dentist to carry out a regular check on a child’s oral health.

Use your Chiropractor to check your child’s spinal function and growth, and to equip your child with the knowledge and good practices for their health and wellbeing in the years ahead.

Cost of Consultation for your Child

Initial consultation: £35

Adjustment visits: £20


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