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Welcome to Active Family Chiropractic

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Welcome to Active Family Chiropractic!

Our goal is to provide the local community of Deddington and surrounding villages with a centre for excellence and wellness that delivers safe and effective Chiropractic care of the highest quality to all our pregnant mums and their families. We help restore your body’s natural balance and movement so that you can keep doing the things you love.

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We are now located in our new clinic premises at Wellness at New Street, 1 New Street, Deddington, OX15 0SP (Previously MayFu 2). This is approximately 50m away from our previous location, so dont stress if you forget and go to the wrong place – you wont be far away 🙂

 Look for our clinic logos in the frosted windows on the ground floor along with SJB hearing logo in the other ground floor windows.

 We can’t wait to see you there but if you’d like a sneek peek, click here!

w does Chiropractic help

Common reasons people seek Chiropractic care

A few of the more common symptoms that our clients come to see us with are shown below. For more information, please call us to see if Chiropractic can help you.

Pregnancy Care


Back Pain

Neck Pain

Minor Sport Injuries

Wellness Care

Without the excellent care I have had from Mel, I would have been bed bound with severe SPD at 24 weeks pregnant. The progress, support and commitment in keeping me mobile has been incredible and I am so very grateful for your care and positive outlook. A million thank you's!


I started to see Melanie at around 28 weeks pregnant in my second pregnancy while suffering with some painful SPD. After explaining my traumatic first birth which resulted in a forceps delivery, Melanie not only worked to realign my pelvis (ridding me totally of the SPD pain within around 3 treatments!) but managed to maintain a good alignment for the remainder of my pregnancy. I was anxious about my baby being back to back and so wanted to give my pelvis the best chance and baby the greatest space..
...Not only did Melanie support my physical preparations, but she provided enormous support emotionally while I prepared for birth, advising me about hypnobirthing , recommending a doula, lending me reading materials from her small library, and most importantly reminding me of my body’s natural ability to birth. Unfortunately I went past 42 weeks of pregnancy and took the difficult decision to be induced, saying goodbye to my home birth dream. I used Melanie’s recommended doula and ended up having the natural, drug free birth I wanted, delivering a 10lb11 baby girl with just some gas and air at the end! She was in the perfect position and, along with my hypnobirthing skills, that made the vast majority of my labour perfectly manageable. I would recommend Melanie to anyone wanting to support their body to ‘do its thing’ during pregnancy and birth, it was the best money I spent on pregnancy care and I am so grateful. Melanie was also absolutely wonderful with my 2 year old toddler, and made a real fuss of him on every visit: she is well equipped with toys and stickers to keep little ones entertained!

Melanie saw my 18 month old son who was refusing to sleep and constantly waking since he was born! After the first appointment Melanie was able to tell that he was out of line in a couple of areas and after the first adjustment he slept a whole 12hours. The treatment provided was non intrusive and has made a HUGE difference to our family. Would highly recommend.


Thank you for helping so many of my pregnant clients, it’s so great to be able to refer when needed.

Lisa V

Melanie is a fantastic chiropractor and will go above and beyond to help anyone who needs it. I can highly recommend her 🙂


Dr Melanie has provided Chiropractic holiday cover for Balance Chiropractic centre on several occasions. Her professionalism and expertise is fantastic and the clients love her. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Melanie for clients of all ages.


Dr Melanie is great! A very thorough examination. The explanation of what the problem is and the process of correcting it was extremely helpful. I would recommend Dr Melanie to anyone looking for a very caring chiropractor.


My family and I feel 100% safe in Mel’s hands. She is knowledgeable, caring, and has a great sense of humour too! She is a wonderful chiropractor and we would highly recommend her.

C. Lydford

Mel was able to get to source of my problems after one visit, and recommends a course of exercises and adjustments that keep the problem in check.

M Robinson

Having suffered with aches and pains for several years thinking I just had to ‘put up with it’ as part of the ageing process, a friend recommended I contact Melanie at Ashcroft therapy Centre and I’m glad I did.  After a consult and several weeks of adjustments I am pain free.  Not only that but I’ve noticed simple acts such as walking, sitting down and getting out of bed have become easier as well. Many thanks.


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I have been suffering a herniated disc in L5/S1 level of my lumbar spine since early July 2020. It made me practically paralysed for many months afterwards and the strongest pain relief/inflammatory medications became part of my life. It was the worst pain and injury I have ever experienced, yet it all became more bearable, because of Dr Melanie! She has been the light in the tunnel throughout my recovery process. Not only she comforted me at the worst time + COVID-19 lockdowns, but she always advised me and kept checking on me which made me feel like a human again! She has given me the best medical and professional care and her frequent Chiropractic adjustment work allowed me to return back to my happy and healthy self again!
THANK YOU! Margaret

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Mel is a genuinely caring and considerate professional who I see from time to time to keep me 'in check' with a chronic back condition. I trust her knowledge completely and would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with a physical ailment. Thanks Mel for your continuous care and understanding. - S

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Melanie is a serious professional and a lovely human being! More than once she’s gone out of her way to accommodate my requests for urgent treatment (back problems) and she’s also been very clear on costs and expected results. She’s also funny and very friendly with young and old - my three year old daughter was completely smitten with her, and so was my mother! (Incidentally, Mel ended up treating both of them)
Too good to be true? Give her a call and you’ll see by yourself how right I am - and you can thank me later 😉
Christina L