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The importance of being healthy

Whether you have just started chiropractic care, or are interested in becoming healthier, there are a few things that you can do to help support your body.

Keep moving – The human skeleton has approximately 360 joints with 76 of them being in the spine alone! This allows us the flexibility to move individual limbs without moving the whole of our body. With all these joints, it doesn’t make sense to stay still for too long! Exercise helps maintain mobility. It keeps our joints flexible and our muscles active which can help alleviate painful symptoms and prevent muscles weakening from lack of use.

Eat well – this is more the quality of the food not how expensive the restaurant! The food we put into our bodies forms the building blocks our body will use to heal and regenerate. A good quality well balanced diet should provide all the minerals and vitamins necessary for healthy cell turnover. Good ingredients make good cakes!

Hydrate – Did you know that 60% of the adult body is water? Water is vital for our bodies to function. Without enough water our body struggles to:

  • build vital cells, allowing growth, reproduction and survival,
  • regulate temperature,
  • lubricate joints
  • eliminate waste effectively
  • keep mucous membranes moist and help produce saliva
  • convert food into the components needed for every day function.

Water is also needed to act as a shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord, and help deliver oxygen all over the body.

A few more interesting facts about water:

Babies are made up of up to 78% water – this changes to 65% after a year.

Men are made up of more water than women, and require more intake.

Adults need to an intake of 2-3 litres a day to survive. Some of this is made available through food. Common misconceptions are that tea, coffee and squash will contribute towards your water intake and to a certain extent this is true, however caffeine and sugar in these drinks will dehydrate and actually promote water to leave your body.

The best source of hydration is a simple glass of water.

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